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However, not even Brad Pitt at his best can save James Gray and co-writer Ethan Gross from their own portentous screenplay.

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The film spends the bulk of its running time propelling Pitt and his assortment of underwritten companions from one unconvincing peril to another. These fellow travelers, played respectively by Donald Sutherland, Sean Blakemore, Donnie Keshawarz, and Ruth Negga, function mostly as mindless archetypes who must die in order to further alienate Major McBride from the Earth he left.

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Gray also uses voiceover to explain his own visual metaphors. Ad Astra reveals the destructiveness of mindless exploration and argues that salvation can only be found in the embrace of an imperfect humanity. In explicitly explaining these moments, Gray robs the audience of interpersonal discovery and understanding and hinders the development of true empathy. And so, despite its occasional brilliance, Ad Astra makes the universe feel colder and less human.

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