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When we first met Beth and Gary, they shared spices their farm would grow and process to enhance our culinary experiences. They have a seasoning which is placed on meats, poultry and fish which is wonderful. It is amazing the difference in sitting down to a meal with the right seasoning.

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In fact the entire taste changes and makes the food so much better. Our screenwriters are in the throws of food preparations and we are testing seasonings, alternative courses, additional appetizers never before discovered and working to expand the "feast" for our audiences. The original assignment has now grown into three times the amount of work.

Please know how much prayer is going to help us get through this. She had some initial creative thoughts on how this would transpire, but nothing concrete so our team is working diligently to provide the best visual story possible. As a result, we are expanding on this franchise to possibly consider three films over just one film. You can imagine what this really means! An undertaking of this size is the most complicated process that the most sophisticated great authors like Tolkein, C.

Lewis and J. K Rowling have used. Structure will be key, visual story telling will be even more important on the screenwriting side and yes, prayer remains the foundation of the process. Therefore, the comprehensive beat outlines, the character arcs, the sacrifices, the struggles, the resolutions, the villains, the hero's journey, the victories must all be "mapped" as we still work one film at a time, with an understanding of a greater climax by film three. We truly need help and you can be involved directly. Beth's journey has always been in prayer. If you connect with her, hear her speak or know her heart you would see, she was "led" to write this story.

This came to fruition because of prayer, but we are needing to triple our prayer efforts. She has already doubled them, but we need the next level, which is YOU! We are challenging our entire prayer team to now expand.

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We do not have one person per day, but to find three people per "prayer day" to represent what we are doing. Would you be interested in helping us? We have seen in the meta data statistics our audience online is growing. In fact, the number of people going to our website has continued to grow since beginning the screenplay.

Over people new visitors each week are now viewing this site and we are so thankful. It is all happening because of prayer. The eternal rewards are growing, the prayer rewards are growing and yes, even in the fiscal arena. This strategic direction provides a larger opportunity for financial rewards for our investors and we are always considering the fiscal rewards. Another answer to prayer is on the horizon for them as a result of this new "shift" all because of prayer. If you can pray and fast, even better, but most importantly, we need people praying. Our foundation is only as good as the prayer team circling.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful "dream" as the vision grows each day. I am reminded by a very wise man to "Aim Small and Think Big". This is certainly true for our film project and we believe will make a huge difference in the future. Lastly, we continue to also ask the Lord to bring us the right "financier". This means not just any individual with the capital to make these films, but a "financier" with the heart to use the visual language of film to impact the world. This series is going to be huge and we know the Lord will lead us to the "exact financier". Only an executive producer who has the heart to keep "our unified mission" will align with our future, so pray about this too.


Thank you for joining our crusade and working with us through the power of prayer! Each of you who love this book and have been interceding in prayer for our team know the real results is all about God's mission, His provision and eternal timing. The target audience of the book is different than our movie.

Therefore, the creative elements will change in our transition, but the ethos remains. Great lessons, wonderful characters and exciting challenges form the backdrop for a new movie that is inspired by Beth Lambert's book. From the early days approximately one year ago, we knew our task was large, because it was to communicate the supernatural and spiritual warfare from the heavenlies to illuminate "light". We also realized the mission from book to film was different, so how would we resolve these issues with excellence founded on Beth's heart and spirit.

We began with a diagnostic discussion of our mission for Beth's book to become a movie. A book is not normally written in the "visual language" often and especially when the heart is to be inspired by Harry Potter, one of the most successful movie franchises.

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  7. Therefore, the mission is in the beginning creative discussions as we seek to identify the "flagpole" upon which we base the visual language in a story for film, using the same ethos. Once we arrived together for the new "flagpole" or creative mission as a team, this gave us insight to do everything within our power to bring the story to our target audience in the best way possible.

    Evolving into what God wants is the next key to this strategy and over a few days, we were led to grab the pole like the Marines at Iwo Jima. She was stretched to think of the visual strategies we might consider adding for a new audience. Your prayers carried us while we were in Colorado and are helping in our decision making process, so please continue with your loyal commitment and if you want to join the prayer team, please contact the Lambert family.

    Beth was invited to join the screenwriting team by director Kevin McAfee to provide additional insights into the filmmaking process. She is a blessing to the team of veterans. God's word is the true foundation of the team's unified charge in this creative endeavor and now the methodology is transitioning into the optimal setting for young people in the visual language.

    When you transition from a faith based book addressing a faith based audience to a movie that has an underpinning of faith to a secular audience, the expectations completely change. The mission does not in the ultimate goal Beth defined for the entire team. These are the primary motivations for ensuring we have the right "model" for the film, verses just taking the written word to "show" verses tell in exposition.

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    Felt needs, spiritual attacks, real problems and viable solutions to teen issues in crisis are serious for secular audiences today. Even younger films are "edgy" filled with bad language and compromising situations, which our team is family friendly in purpose.

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    The very "position" of the hearts of young people today are being compromised at every turn and truth with "action" is needed to capture their attention. These are the very reasons and challenges Beth began in this journey.

    We are reminded we do wrestle against flesh and blood, but with the principalities of this earth and the very powers upon which the Bible leads us to forge ahead as ambassadors of truth. Beth gave us from her chapter summaries over fifty ideals and values we are adopting as we address the secular audience.

    We all working now to finalize the beat outline for the newly identified audience and are excited to bring this report to your attention. How many times have you read a perfect book or even seen a perfect movie? It's not possible to find either, so when you go into different art forms, you have to consider the who, what, where, why and how of every creative decision made.

    In a book, you have twenty pages to set up a back story, but in a movie, you have thirty seconds. So, we begin with the process by "cherry picking" the best book elements and then establishing the best cinematic locations to illuminate the core lessons. This means the film will look different but include the spirit of what Beth has created. Many of you may wonder, why do we need to craft a new visual backdrop?

    Allow us to provide additional insight here. The visual language is very different to young people who live in a sight and sound generation and are not church goers. The book has many church oriented analogies and is written to the church audience.

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    Beth wanted to go further and create a Harry Potter type of experience for a secular audience. When you consider the greatest film franchises which are allegories, fantasies or action oriented to capture the imagination of this target, one must look at Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the list goes on and on. Millions of young people are going to watch these films each week and are being impacted with their lessons. Add on top of this, the video games and services in streaming platforms being provided in today's world through social media?

    It is a radical new visual experience young people have learned to accept. We must be in the "zone of acceptability" and think in a new way!

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    There is a real war for the battle of the mind going on in every generation, but none greater than the very group of young people today. Unfortunately, there are no beings of light, which is why Beth's story will connect to this audience. What was discovered in the JP KNIGHTS story again and again was the exciting "beings of light" and the angelic counters in the creative realm which no film has ever attempted like hers. This led us to a group of "thinking outside the box" ideas, so please buckle your seatbelts and place your tray tables in the upright and locked positions.

    It's going to be a fun movie ride courtesy of Universal Studios. If you are a young person, you will be very excited to hear about these new visual elements the creative team is currently constructing. Here are some of the preview elements we are considering adding to this movie as we connect with our target audience. We will discuss the different book audience from the film audience in a moment, but check out these new additives we are adding to your cinematic dinner.