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With over musical examples and measure-by-measure lessons on masterpieces of the piano repertoire as well as instructions on phrasing, fingering, imagery, dynamic contrasts, pianistic touches, articulation, and practice drills, pianists of all levels will benefit from Pressler's expertise. Eulenberg Audio plus Score. Maurice Ravel ranks as one of the most original French composers of his time, a consummate craftsman who continually sought perfection of form and style, and whose unique harmonic language was unmistakably his own.

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Along with Debussy, he stands in the front rank of great modern composers for the piano and his piano music includes a number of masterpieces considered vital to the repertoire of any serious pianist. This inexpensive Dover edition makes that music available, at a reasonable price, to pianists who wish to play and study the works of a composer in the vanguard of "the new order of post-Lisztian piano writing.

Although the moods may vary throughout these evocative works, the elegance and subtly shifting energies of their musical language could only be those of Maurice Ravel. To study them in this full-score edition is to become more fully aware not only of his great originality but also of the constant striving for perfection of form and style that prompted Stravinsky to compare him admiringly to "the most perfect of Swiss watchmakers. In Ravel re-created for orchestra his highly successful composition for two pianos, the Mother Goose Suite, a truly magical work whose moods range from haunting desolation to tender exaltation.

Similarly, Ravel recast his brilliant piano composition Valses Nobles et Sentimentales as an orchestral score in a ballet based on its premiere that year in Paris and arranged his evocative piano work Pavane for a Dead Princess for orchestra in The rich orchestral settings of all four works have made them popular favorites on concert stages worldwide. This superbly prepared edition brings together in one volume authoritative full scores of these four works, reprinted from original French editions. Editions Durand. The largest one-volume collection available of Ravel's piano music, at a value price, in the original editions.

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Includes 30 pieces. The consummate craftsmanship, elegance, and originality of Maurice Ravel define this collection of masterly compositions for the piano. Ravel's own piano transcription of his world-famous La Valse completes this attractive edition of the master's most famous compositions.

Intermediate and advanced pianists will welcome this superb compilation of piano classics, reproduced from authoritative French sources. Notes throughout introduce the works, their origins, and their context within the composer's output.

The music of Maurice Ravel , beloved by musicians and audiences since its debut, has been a difficult topic for scholars. The traditional stylistic categories of impressionism, symbolism, and neoclassicism, while relevant, have offered too little purchase on this fascinating but enigmatic work. In Ravel the Decadent, author Michael Puri provides an innovative and productive solution by locating the aesthetic origins of this music in the French Decadence and demonstrating the extension of this influence across the length of his oeuvre.

From an array of Decadent topics Puri selects three--memory, sublimation, and desire--and uses them to delineate the content of this music, pinpoint its overlap with contemporary cultural discourse, and link it to its biographical context, as well as to create new methods altogether for the analysis and interpretation of music.

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Ravel the Decadent opens by defining the main concepts, giving particular attention to memory and decadence. It then stakes out contrasting modes of memory in this music: a nostalgic mode that views the past as forever lost, and a more optimistic one that imagines its resurrection and reanimation.

Acknowledging Ravel's lifelong identity as a dandy--a figure that embodies the Decadence and its aspiration toward the sublime--Puri identifies possible moments of musical self-portraiture before stepping back to theorize dandyism in European musical modernism at large. He then addresses the dialectic between desire and its sublimation in the pairing of two genres--the bacchanal and the idyl--and leverages the central trio of concepts to offer provocative readings of Ravel's two waltz sets, the Valses nobles et sentimentales and La valse.

Puri concludes by invoking the same terms to identify a topic of "faun music" that promises to create new common ground between Ravel and Debussy. Rife with close readings that will satisfy the musicologist, Ravel the Decadent also suits a more general reader through its broadly humanistic key concepts, immersion in contemporary art and literature, and clarity of language. This volume contains a pair of works originally written for piano by French composer Maurice Ravel and later orchestrated by him.

The resulting repertoire has won the allegiance of string players-and of listeners in the concert hall and at home. Yet, until now, no book has addressed the language of these remarkable works, their interactions with the masterpieces of Beethoven and others, and their new approaches to musical expression. Intimate Voices, organized in rough chronological order, offers the observations and intuitions of twenty leading authorities on quartets by twenty-one composers from eleven countries.

Its two volumes-available separately or together-comprise an indispensable guide to amateur and professional chamber musicians, scholars, students, and anyone seeking a deeper acquaintance with the great achievements of twentieth-century music. The piano music of Maurice Ravel is among the most thrilling, the most colorful, and, for pianists, the most challenging of the repertoire. This book is about how performers and listeners can discover it and relate to it - how it sounds and feels under the fingers and within the receptive imagination.

But to write about those experiences, to explore the background, influences, and impulses behind Ravel's music, is to be engaged in a form of biography. Related Searches. Audition Repertoire for the Advancing Pianist, Bk Jane Magrath has assembled this well-balanced collection containing two separate recital or audition programs Jane Magrath has assembled this well-balanced collection containing two separate recital or audition programs that will display the pianist's mastery of important appropriate works by composers of various stylistic eras.

Titles: Sinfonia No. View Product. Concerto No. One of the leading composers of instrumental music of the early Romantic period, Louis Spohr One of the leading composers of instrumental music of the early Romantic period, Louis Spohr was a violinist, composer, and conductor. In addition to symphonic works, string quartets, and other solo and chamber music, he composed operas, operettas, and songs. Essential Dictionary of Composers: Handy Guide. This Handy Guide functions as an easy-to-use historical-reference book, both educational and fun!

It provides Every entry contains basic facts such as dates and historical periods of music as In the Essential Keyboard Repertoire Series, much care was given to grading, editing and most In the Essential Keyboard Repertoire Series, much care was given to grading, editing and most of all, student appeal.

Each volume spans four centuries of keyboard music from Baroque to Modern and every selection is in its original form. Much care was given to grading, editing and most of all, student appeal in the Much care was given to grading, editing and most of all, student appeal in the Essential Keyboard Repertoire Series.

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Each volume includes selections from the Baroque to Modern periods, each in its original form. Standard favorites are included, along with Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Vol 8: Miniatures. The tuba has the chance at some melody in this arrangement with the other voices