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Adds David Keen, "if there is no harmony among these organisations, the brand will inevitably be diluted. There also has to be critical continuity no matter the result of an election or a change in government.

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Of Land and Dreams – 2017

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Luxury in a Land of Dreams

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Share this Comment: Post to Twitter. If you prefer your American history whitewashed for purity, this book isn't for you. If you prefer [to] be cognizant, for example, of the indigenous genocide committed by heroes of the West, you will find, in Anderson's vision, a stark and truthful reckoning with white legacies. This glorious chorus is by turns poetic, rural, conversational, formal, an aria of stories united by their common descendant.

The Land of Dreams by William Blake

Literary and true, this is the hardest—and best—kind of book, taking no prisoners, forgiving nothing, demanding all. Read it to confirm your membership, fierce and fragile, in the great imperfect human race. Great contemplative music, very peaceful and atmospheric. This is one of the very first albums that I bought on Bandcamp, in the following years I've come to find new artists, while always keeping a close eye on Dan Phelps. This album for me has been like a seed. The great ACR label serves up another batch of rich, moody electroacoustic music, with peaceful drones and immersive textures.

Anthology Resource Vol. The second volume of the David Lynch collaborator's experimental soundscape series, available in BC-exclusive colorways for a limited time.

Discover America, Land of Dreams.