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John F. Kennedy: The Life and Death of a President

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Graham Greene. The Strange Case of Dr. The Personality Brokers. Chasing My Cure. David Fajgenbaum. Daemon Voices. Philip Pullman. On the 55th anniversary of JFK's assassination, h ere are nine people and groups who've been blamed for killing the 35th President of the United States. Bush and, most recently and controversially , Donald Trump. Stone believes that Lyndon Johnson hired hitman Malcolm Wallace to do the dirty work, which explains an allegation that Johnson ducked before any shots were fired. During this time, Oswald also met and married his Russian wife, Marina.

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In another theory, the KGB is responsible for the assassination, but Oswald is not. In , Charles Harrelson was convicted of shooting federal judge John H. Wood, Jr.

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He was arrested in September of that year after a six-hour standoff with police on the side of a highway. During the saga, Harrelson confessed to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in addition to Judge Wood. Menninger worked with Baltimore ballistics expert Howard Donahue to compile the evidence. Hickey did acknowledge the accusation. He sued Menninger after the book was released, but St.

Howard Hunt, and David Phillips as members of the responsible group. As for evidence, the most compelling is E. Hunt, who was also involved in the Watergate Hotel break-in, allegedly revealed that the group of CIA rogues invited him to have a role in the assassination, which was originally supposed to take place in Miami before it was moved to Dallas.

His son, Howard St.

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Lamar Waldron has written multiple books accusing the mafia of killing JFK. He also believes the CIA had a role in covering up the assassination.

In his theory, mafia boss Carlos Marcello hired hitmen to assassinate Kennedy because the president and his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, were too tough on mob-related crimes. According to this theory, DiMaggio was sure that a member of the Kennedy family had had Marilyn Monroe killed. They murdered the one person I loved. Lester maintains that the CIA gave him the letter, but government insiders believe the letter is a fake.

It was a time when women were discouraged from working outside domestic spheres, and opportunities for women of African American and Native American descent were even more limited. When Coleman fell in love with the idea of flying planes, she knew that realizing her dream would be impossible in the United States—but instead of giving up, she moved to France to enroll in flight school.

Less than a year later, she returned home as the first African American and the first Native American female pilot in aviation history. Bessie Coleman was born to sharecroppers in Texas on January 26, She was one of 13 siblings, and like the rest of Coleman clan, she was expected to help pick cotton on the farm as soon as she was old enough. At 6 years old, she started walking to school: a one-room wooden shack located four miles from her house.

Her classroom often lacked basic supplies like paper and pencils , and, like all schools in the region, it was segregated. Despite less-than-ideal conditions, she excelled in class and continued her studies through high school. In , her father, who was part black and part Cherokee , relocated to Native American territory in Oklahoma to escape discrimination in Texas, leaving Bessie and the rest of his family behind.

After a year at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University—now Langston University—in Langston, Oklahoma, she dropped out when her tuition fund ran dry.

Even though she was more educated than many women of the time, there were few opportunities for her in the South. At age 23, she followed her brothers to Chicago, which, though racially segregated, was slightly more welcoming to people of color than Texas had been. In Chicago, Coleman was able to mingle with influential figures in the African American community.

She went to beauty school and became a manicurist in a local barbershop. The conflict quickened the pace of technological advancement, including in aviation. For the first time in history, people around the world could watch fighter planes soar through the skies in newsreels and read about them in the papers.